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With many moving parts required for your Airbnb business and a lot of contradicting information on the web…

AirBrindy brings you an all inclusive Airbnb educational hub for creative investors and hospitable entrepreneurs who want to cultivate freedom by transforming their properties into revenue generating assets.


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AirBnB Messaging templates for

for 5 star reviews

The messages that you send to guests can make the difference between a positive or negative review. These message templates are designed to help you effectively communicate instructions for check in, check out, AND ask for 5 star review. Also included is a step-by-step guide to create automated messages so that you never need to worry about sending important info in time for check in.

Properties I’ve helped launch: 

Retro Palm Springs Bungalow

Make informed decisions on which amenities to invest in.

Main Street Loft | New Construction

Learn strategies for earning 5 star reviews.

Historic Guest Cottage

Do you already have a casita or guest house ready to share? Learn strategies for managing your own property without having to pay a big cut to a property manager or management company.

Meet Your

AirBnB Designer &
Guide, Brindy

I’ve always been hospitality focused, even before diving into the industry full time. Working at a tech startup that constantly focused on small businesses and entrepreneurs, I excelled at customer service…which is the heart and soul of an AirBnB business. 

Being a freedom seeker…I took what I learned from my 9-5 world and turned my home into an Airbnb, eventually quit my job, and have now been in the Airbnb business for over 5 years as an Award Winning Airbnb Ambassador and Superhost. 

And I’m here to help you do the same. Where you can create financial stability and cultivate your creativity through AirBnB. Like a breath of fresh air, I remove fear of the unknown and ease your mind through education and you’ll receive direct advice that is needed as you enter the AirBnB market. You can expect a design forward, hospitality focused approach that elevates everything your property has to offer.

Work with me

How to Host: AirBnB
Online Course

Gone are the days where you intensely search “how to be an Airbnb host” on Google. With this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to spice up your property, launch your business, and host with success.

One on One

With one-on-one coaching, you’ll get 45 uninterrupted minutes where you will learn how to build your wealth and design gorgeous homes while getting inside advice directly from an experienced Airbnb mentor.


You love your property but your hands are full. With property management, Brindy will ensure your guests have a hospitable experience, enjoy a luxurious space, and follow all regional trends to make sure your property and prices are up to date.

Custom Services to Finally

Design &



What Clients & Students
Are Saying

“If you’re just getting started, this course is a must. She gave us so much great information. She caused me to consider many things that I would never have thought of.”
“I am in the process of launching my first rental property and Brindy's session helped me to understand the basics of how to get started while making it seem simple! I'm excited to use the information provided in the class and recommend to others who are just starting this journey.”
“Brindy was thorough, detailed and organized, and helped to introduce me to the airbnb listing process. I also appreciated hearing how she personally decided to get involved in this business. Her including extra tips on how to be successful was invaluable.”
“Very helpful. I own a property that I’m looking to start renting on airbnb and needed to gain as much knowledge as possible. She answered questions that I didn't even know to ask. Thanks for the information. It helped give me the confidence I needed to move forward.”

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