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It is time to stop letting your AirBnB dreams float by

I Know All Too Well That

Being a new host
can be tough

You want to explore AirBnb and see if you can be successful. But you have too many questions and you’re not looking for a “get rich quick” scheme.

You know hitting income goals- and so much more – depends on your approach. If you could only get a mentor to:

A second set of hands is good. A second set of EXPERT hands is better.


You want your property to be successful, sure. But you want it to be so successful that you experience real financial freedom and shock everyone around you. Imagine everyone seeing this transformation in you: 

Running your own Airbnb business full time 

This Course is perfect for you if

You’re having thoughts like:

I have heard all of these and more, but…

What if I told you…

You can maximize your profit with a design forward, hospitality focused approach


How To Host

an Airbnb online course to unlock your success

What’s Included → 4 Modules 

Module 1

Setting the Foundation for your Airbnb business.

  • Identify your strategy
  • Predict revenue
  • Legalities and STR regulations
  • What about Rental Arbitrage?
  • Taxes & Airbnb
  • Insurance
  • Module 2

    Furnishing and Staging your Airbnb

  • Budget
  • Where to shop
  • Must haves for every Airbnb!
  • Design tips to up your rate
  • Amenity considerations
  • Waste of money vs. must-haves
  • Module 3

    Building Your Team

  • Finding the right cleaner
  • Managing inventory
  • How to pay your people
  • Do you need a property manager?
  • Module 4

    Guest communication & listing management

  • Earning 5 star reviews
  • Creating (or optimizing) your Airbnb listing
  • Best practices for automating guest messages
  • Guest experience
  • Setting your nightly rate
  • SEO strategy for your listing
  • Bonuses Include: 

    "When I decided to move from long term rentals to short term rentals via Airbnb for my two condos, I did not know where to start and [Brindy] gave me detailed work flow guidance and recommendations. The pace was comfortable and [Brindy was] encouraging to provide motivation to just get started. Knowing she was available to stay in touch gave me the courage to launch my two listings within two weeks after completing her course! I have more confidence because I had Brindy as my mentor and guide!!! Since launching 9 months ago, I have achieved SUPER HOST status. My listings generate more than double the rental income than my previous long term rentals. My Guest reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and I have extra income. I am truly very GRATEFUL to Brindy for helping me launch my successful new business!"
    Mae Wong
    St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

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    This is for you if:

    This is not for you if: 

    You’re looking to make quick cash or wanting a completely streamlined, passive income property. Owning and operating your own Airbnb takes time and effort and you won’t become a millionaire who makes money in their sleep overnight.

    How to Host

    builds sustainable, unique guest experiences and trains you to be a host that guests will rave over. 


    What Students
    Are Saying

    "When I first wanted to learn more about how to convert my house into an Airbnb I had no idea where to start. After spending some time on the Airbnb website I ran across Brindy's Intro to Airbnb. The class gave me so much common sense and valuable information to apply that day. She brought up simple ways to decorate your space, she was open and honest about how to tell guests that a certain feature of your space is less than ideal and so much more. Having Brindy by my side to ask questions and get real life feedback has been invaluable. I can honestly say that I don't think I would have started my airbnb if I hadn't taken her class and listened to her guidance. Since starting my airbnb last November, we have been booked at 80% or above occupancy every month. We have all 5 star reviews and have recently been awarded Superhost! I am so grateful for this experience and support from Brindy!"
    Katie Wilson
    Phoenix, AZ
    "I went into my airbnb journey feeling nervous and scared. I had no prior experience hosting on Airbnb and I did not personally know anyone who had been through this process. I signed up for Brindy's session to help educate myself. She thoroughly explained how to efficiently list my home and the necessary do's and don'ts. She provided amazing tips on how to set-up your space to present a welcoming atmosphere for guests. I utilized her automated response templates and customized them to fit my property and this has been a life saver! I left feeling confident not only in my listing and what my home can offer guests, but in myself as a host and the service I can provide. [Since working] with Brindy I have received two five-star reviews! I also increased my occupancy for the month. I highly recommend [working with] Brindy- her knowledge and easygoing can-do attitude really gave me the sense of peace and confidence I needed while entering this new journey. "
    Joshua Tree, CA

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    Yes! This course is designed to help aspiring Airbnb hosts, as well as hosts who want to increase bookings or streamline your processes. If you’ve already launched your Airbnb, this course will guide you in taking the right steps to optimize your Airbnb listing and automating your business.

    This course is ideal for those who already have a property ready, or who are already actively looking for a property. However, if you’re actively looking for a property and plan on acquiring one soon, then this info will be relevant and helpful as you set up your business.

    If you’re still on the fence with Airbnb, this may not be right for you. Instead, you can schedule a coaching session and I’m happy to answer any questions you have!

    This is not the focus of the course, however, I have some experience with rental arbitrage so naturally, I will be sharing parts of this journey with you. 

    Nope. This is part of my unique approach to short term rentals. My experience has taught me that your time is best spent optimizing your Airbnb profile over posting to additional platforms. 

    Maybe! Contact me and tell me about your property. I am currently accepting applications for Airbnb homes that have great design and in a good location.

    "I'm extremely happy with all of the help and guidance that Brindy provided during my AirBnb start-up!!! This kicked off my journey at the perfect time, just a few weeks before I started listing my house on AirBnb. There are many tools and levers AirBnb offers to optimize the experience for hosts and guests. This is fantastic -- but, the more tools and levers available, the more questions arise - for example, pricing, rate variations by season/specific days or dates, availability of the home, automated messaging with guests, house rules, and much more. Brindy knows these tools and levers well, and has useful varied experience from hosting different properties over time. After about 2 months, I hosted 19 stays and received an average rating of 5 stars!!! At that point, I realized that it was time to come back to Brindy and ask for her help to review my listing. I wanted someone with Brindy's experience and knowledge to have a look at my house, specifically. I had many questions for her -- like how to optimize my pricing, decorate my house, make the listing more attractive, adding useful amenities, removing useless amenities, and more. Brindy was personable, professional, energetic, and genuinely motivated to help me make lasting improvements to help make me more money and create a fantastic experience both for myself and my guests. I highly recommend Brindy as an AirBnb pro host coach! After a total of 4 months, I have hosted 31 stays, maintained an average rating of 5 stars, and just achieved Superhost status!!! I'm currently making $2500/mo net profit with clear room to grow!!! Pretty amazing results in a relatively short period of time!!!"
    Ross Gortney
    Greenville, SC

    Meet Your Airbnb

    Designer & Guide Brindy

    Being a freedom seeker…I took what I learned from my 9-5 world and turned my home into an Airbnb, eventually quit my job, and have now been in the Airbnb business for over 5 years as an Award Winning Airbnb Ambassador and Superhost. 

    And I’m here to help you do the same. Where you can create financial stability and cultivate your creativity through AirBnB. Like a breath of fresh air, I remove fear of the unknown and ease your mind through education and you’ll receive direct advice that is needed as you enter the AirBnB market. You can expect a design forward, hospitality focused approach that elevates everything your property has to offer.

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