It’s Finally Time to 

Design &

Launch Your Airbnb

Confidently launch your Airbnb business with a design forward, hospitality focused strategy.

6 weeks, 3 phases, and your AirBnB is ready to take off. 

Do You Wish You Had An

Airbnb Expert +

to get your property polished and ready to host guests? 

You are in the right place.

My design & launch service is personalized to your property and unique needs.

From the very first phase,  I am on-site collaborating with you to ensure your AirBnB is truly positioned for success in every way possible.  

Design & Launch Phases

Built to make your place stand out

Phase 1:

Personalized Design & Launch Plan


Timeline: 1 week

Phase 2:

Shop & Assemble


Timeline: 2-8+* Weeks

* Dependent on shipping times & remodel needs

** Examples In scope remodel work: Replacing fixtures, replacing hardware, installing curtains/shades, small paint jobs, wall paper.

Phase 3:



Timeline: 1 week


Each Phase includes 1 day of on-site support and 1-2 weeks of remote support. 

All clients start with Phase 1, with the option to add on the additional phases.

If you choose AirBrindy for all 3 Phases, you can expect us to oversee the entire process to ensure a successful kick-off for your Airbnb business!


Packages start at $1,200 for each individual phase.

Plus cost of:

Handyman labor ($40/hr)

Personalized wall art & decor projects (by availability, as quoted)

Professional cleaning (by project)



Travel (if located outside of Phoenix metro, Verde Valley, Tucson metro)

AirBrindy understands that all Airbnb owners are at various stages in the launch process and your customized pricing will be provided after our discovery call. 

Meet Your Airbnb

Designer & Expert, Brindy

Being a freedom seeker…I took what I learned from my 9-5 world and turned my home into an Airbnb, eventually quit my job, and have now been in the Airbnb business for over 5 years as an Award Winning Airbnb Ambassador and Superhost. 

And I’m here to help you do the same. Where you can create financial stability and cultivate your creativity through AirBnB. Like a breath of fresh air, I remove fear of the unknown and ease your mind as you enter the Airbnb market. You can expect a design forward, hospitality focused approach that elevates everything your property has to offer.

Property Management


Want to Keep Working Together Post Launch? I offer Property Management as an ongoing service to clients I have loved working with! 

*Please note that my availability in ongoing retainer work like this may be limited at the time of our project.

Custom support to finally

Design &

Launch Your Airbnb